Top 3 Winning Strategies in Online Baccarat Game

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Baccarat is an example of easy casino game. It happens because bettors have three options to place bets. It shows that luck takes a great role in Baccarat. However, it does not mean that you do need to know the strategy in the baccarat game. Strategy has a very important attribute in baccarat. Thus, we will give you Top 3 winning strategies in online baccarat game.

Top 3 Winning Strategies in Online Baccarat Game

Stay Away from the Tie and Place Bet on Banker

Basically, there are three options to bet in online Baccarat: the Tie, the Banker, and the Player. Three of them have its positive and negative sides. However, we suggest you place a bet on the Banker and stay away from the Tie. Whatever the condition is, placing the bet on the Banker is a good step. It occurs because you will have 50 percent win opportunity when you place bet on the Banker.

Top 3 Winning Strategies in Online Baccarat Game

Top 3 Winning Strategies in Online Baccarat Game

You may wonder why you should avoid placing the bet on the Tie. The answer is the number of the house edge. In fact, the Tie has a big number of house edge compared to other options. For your information, the number of housed edge for the Banker is 1.06 percent, Player is 1.24 and Tie is 14.4 percent. If you placed the bet on Tie, you would lose 14.4 units from 100 unit. While you place bet on the Banker, you would lose 1.06 units from 100 units.

From the explanation above, it wastes your time and money. You put yourself in danger when you choose this option. If you have the intention to place a bet on Tie, bet it in small number and do it once during the game.

Play in Short Session

Short session will help you from reducing the big amount of house edge in the game. Nobody can avoid the house edge advantage in online casino game especially Baccarat. It is one of bookmaker advantage and you always deal with it.

The idea is like this, the longer you play the game, the bigger house edge is. Take an example that you plan to play 20 games. Whether you win or not, stay on the plan and get away from the game. Do not come back to chase winner after you get several lose.

However, you have a chance to decrease your loss in a number of house edge by playing in short session. Another advantage is that you have time to evaluate the game, how you play the game, what the strategy will use and other during the break time.

Control Your Ambition

Playing with a long-term ambition is not a matter whereas expecting much cash since the moment you start is a matter. Nothing is wrong with playing with a long-term ambition. But you should control your ambition. Be a realistic bettor and enjoy your game.

Wherever you play, Baccarat is a popular casino game. After knowing Top 3 winning strategies in online baccarat game, there is a doubt to play online baccarat game. Do not waste your time to gain cash in the online baccarat game.

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