Sweet Party Slot a Candy Themed Playtech Slot Game

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Playtech always shows its quality by creating many great online slot games. It always successfully provides many amazing slot games, one of the most popular is the sweet party slot. Sweet Party Slot is full of fun and mesmerizing graphics. Basically, Sweet Party Slot is similar to Candy Crush. It means both of them are good games to play during the free times. If you have not known about this game before, here is the brief explanation of Sweet Party slot a candy themed Playtech slot game.

Sweet Party Slot a Candy Themed Playtech Slot Game

The Symbols of the Game and Betting

As its name, Sweet Party Slot is inspired and adapted by candy world so the symbols in sweet party slot game are bonbons and sugar jelly. It has a 5×5 grid with many sweet symbols which you should match if you want to win the game. If you hit more symbols, then you will increase your score. In this game, you need to match the same candy either in horizontal or in vertical. There is no diagonal matching. On the other hand, in this game, you will not find the wild symbol.

Sweet Party Slot a Candy Themed Playtech Slot Game

Sweet Party Slot a Candy Themed Playtech Slot Game

Then, just like the other casino game, you need to place a bet for increasing the chance of getting the jackpot. If you successfully have eight or more same red and white lollipops symbol, then your opportunity to hit the jackpot will be higher. However, it depends on the amount of your betting.

How to Play Sweet Party Slot

Sweet party slot is 5 reels slot game with various tempting symbols such as yellow doughnuts, pink sphere, red jelly beans, green gummy bears, blue stars, and peppermints. In order to play Sweet Party Slot, the player should select the betting value and then directly choose the play to start the game. If the player successfully matches five or more same symbols either vertically or horizontally, then the players will earn payout. Moreover, by forming winning symbols, the other symbols will fall in their place.

Available in Autoplay

Sweet party slot has the autoplay feature where you can set the slot to play by itself with the amount of your bet for each spin. In order to activate the autoplay feature, you need to choose how much money that you will place for each spin. By then, anytime you choose the plus button, you will able to use free spin and it will spin automatically.

However, you can turn off the autoplay if you do not want to. Then, you are allowed to reduce the number of spinning by clicking the button which indicates the minute of the spinning. Then, you can also click the info button in order to see the paytable. Not only the paytable, if you find any difficulties and want to know something, you can find it in the information feature.

Sweet Party slot is one of the slot games with different features that you will surely enjoy. Those are some information about Sweet Party Slot a candy themed Playtech slot game. You can try this game if you are fond of delightful symbols.

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