Play Online Slot Games with Different Variety of Features

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Play Online Slot Games with Different Variety of Features

Back when the slot games were invented, the machines have provided much entertainment for the customers. Yet, nowadays, bettors can enjoy more excitement and thrill while playing slots in an online casino due to the innovations that the developers create. Now, you can play online slot games with different variety of features.


Using this feature, you do not need to keep on slicking the spin button. Instead, you just need to set the configuration of the feature such as your bet size and the number of the auto spins. Then, activate the feature and let the slot game spin its reels. You can do other stuff while waiting for the outcome.

Win Both Ways

Years ago, you can only win the slot games from left to right. Thus, the limitation decreases your chance of winning. However, you can win both ways using online slot games. This innovation makes it possible for you to get big rewards even though a certain symbol does not appear on the first reel.


This feature rarely appears on modern video slot games on both land-based and online casinos. Yet, you can find the feature in classic online slot games. Using this you can move a certain reel down so that you can form a winning combination. Usually, this is done manually, but there are some online classic slot games which allow automatic nudges.


This feature is exclusive to the fruit machine slot games. It is actually not a new innovation, but it can give you big prizes as well. Bettors will get a random number of holds as they play the fruit machine slot and they can collect rewards by using this feature.

Wild Symbols

This is one of the symbols that every bettor likes. The symbols are able to substitute any other symbols, except for the scatter symbols, so that you can form a winning combination. However, it is still less popular compared to the scatter symbols and bonus symbols which can give bigger payouts.

Bonus Symbols

These symbols can give you lucrative payouts. There are two kinds of bonus symbols. The first will trigger a certain number of free spins. The next one can trigger a bonus game. The amount of free spins and the kind of bonus game usually is affected by the number of bonus symbols appearing on an active pay line.

Scatter Symbols

You can also get the same result like what you get when you manage to land a certain number of scatter symbols on the reels. They can give you a better advantage compared to the bonus symbols. The reason is that the scatter symbols do not need to line up on an active pay line. They can just fall into random positions on the reels and you can either get some free spins or bonus rounds.

What are you waiting for? Just register yourself in an online casino and select the slot game you want to play. Make sure you have conducted some research on the games that interest you. Play online slot games with different variety of features and get the biggest rewards while having fun!

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