Online Baccarat Winning Strategies

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Actually, different with blackjack where you can do card counting, Baccarat is harder. In playing Baccarat, the luck works well instead of skill since you are required to bet on three hands. Thus, you cannot guess easily on which hand your bet will earn profits. Therefore, you may use these online Baccarat winning strategies and tips in order to improve your chance to win the game.

Online Baccarat Winning Strategies

Understanding the Numbers

Understanding the number of the game is the first thing you can do and one of the best strategies in online Baccarat. Baccarat has the most profitable house edge compared to the other casino games, especially craps. As we know, in Baccarat there are three hands for betting which are the player, the banker, and tie. In the banker’s hand, the casino only has 1.4% profit so it becomes a good odd both for the online casino and live casino. In addition, the odds in player’s bet is only slightly lower than the banker’s bet losing. The player has 44.62% chance of winning while the banker has 45.85% chance of losing.

Online Baccarat Winning Strategies

Online Baccarat Winning Strategies

Knowing the Baccarat Bets and Odds

The minimum bet in Baccarat game depends on the table. If the table is more exclusive, the minimum bets become higher. In spite of the low house edge, you still have a possibility to lose a lot in quick. Therefore, knowing the odds will minimize the chance of losing the game. As mentioned before, you can place your bet on yourself, banker, or tie. Among the three bets, tie bet is the most tempting bet since the payout is the highest. However, the chance of winning the game in tie bet is very low so it is riskier compared to the other bet.

The odd when winning the game in banker’s hand is better than in player’s hand since player’s hand is determined first. Therefore, the banker will know the player’s card before the banker draw cards. Although it is better, if the player wins the banker bet, the player should pay five percent commission to the casino. However, it is still more beneficial than the player bet.

Strategy of Counting Cards and Keeping Score

Mostly, Baccarat players tend to use a sheet provided to know and track the history of winning and losing between player and banker. In Baccarat, banker’s hand has been the most promising betting for a long time. However, you have the chance to try and explore yourself since Baccarat is all about chance and luck. So, it will not affect much. You may use the card counting first to determine whether it works well or not.

Do not Feel Intimidated

This is important since playing Baccarat requires much patient and full concentration. The other players of Baccarat may have excel experience in playing Baccarat so they may play well. However, do not feel intimidated since it will make you down. As a result, you will easily trap into the loosest. So, you need to relax and do not let yourself feel intimidated.

Before playing online Baccarat, the player should know online Baccarat winning strategies. As a result, the player can adjust to the game and play well.

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