Machine Slot Betting Do’s and Don’ts in Order To Win

Posted on / Gary Campbell

Winning is the thing that you should try to achieve in every chance you play that game. However, to get some winnings you should try to do certain things and avoid other thing. Here is some machine slot betting do’s and don’ts in order to win.

Machine Slot Betting Do’s and Don’ts in Order To Win


  • Following Rumors

Have you heard rumors like ‘hot’, ‘cold’, ‘loose’, and ‘tight’ machine? These words don’t mean much – they just indicate how generous the slot machine was. ‘Hot’ or ‘loose’ means the machine is generous, while ‘cold’ and ‘tight’ means the opposite. As it is possible for the machine to suddenly give out fluid wins, slot machines are programmed to be random and doesn’t have any feature to remember its past results.

Machine Slot Betting Do’s and Don'ts in Order To Win

Machine Slot Betting Do’s and Don’ts in Order To Win

  • Start Big

Starting big is never okay. Not only you will lose your money too fast – when you start big, it’s difficult to slow down. The biggest possibility is that you will be eager to increase your betting money. This is the most common way to bankruptcy.

  • Keeping Your Wallet On Hand

Unless you want bankruptcy, never bring your wallet and credit cards when you go gambling. Trust us, you will find yourself unable to stop yourself to withdraw your money in the process. This is especially dangerous if you only have little money to spend on the casino. Without thinking, you may end up using rent and bill money.


  • Go for Popular Machines

Hey, isn’t it bad to follow the rumors? Of course, but this kind of situation can work into your favor too. When the rumors go on, the machines will be popular and get played a lot by bettors. After they find the machine unsatisfying, they will leave – but this is where you should come in. Machines like this had been choke-fed with money and by playing at the time it’s almost full will bring you closer to the jackpots.

  • Start Small

In contrast of what we shouldn’t do, starting small is always the best approach in betting. By doing so, you will be able to keep your betting money in check while trying to gain profit. For maximum result, do it with limited starting money without drawing anymore cent from your wallet or bankroll. Make sure the money is a sum you can afford to lose.

  • Know When to Stop

Greed eats your soul away. Therefore, subduing to greed will not bring any better. It actually is much more profitable if you stop while you’re winning. While the possibility for you to win more in that session exists, nothing is safer when you already hold the results. If you feel difficulties doing this, set small goals to reach each night and stop when you got them.

After you know machine slot betting do’s and don’ts in order to win, so you can decide which one you should do and which one you should not do, winning will be an easy task to do, as long as you follow the thing that you should do and avoid the don’t one.

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