Get More Exciting Rewards by Playing Online Casino

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One good thing about playing online casino is the rewards offered by the casino which is more than the land-based casino does. Although there will be terms and conditions applied, there is no need to worry since the existence of rewards is aimed to be profitable for both of the casino itself and the players. Talking about the rewards, QQ808 and QQ882 give you more for it so that you will get more exciting rewards by playing online casino.

Get More Exciting Rewards by Playing Online Casino

Get More Exciting Rewards by Playing Online Casino

Get More Exciting Rewards by Playing Online Casino

Progressive Jackpot

In playing casino, the highest reward goes to the progressive jackpot. It works for the slot games where the players will get the accumulation of the rewards if you successfully hit the progressive jackpot. Hence, the chance of winning the progressive jackpot is very low because of the high payout offered. Therefore, when you hit the jackpot, you are going to be a billionaire. In QQ808, the progressive jackpot is about MYR 470.162.35 while in QQ882 the jackpot is about MYR 470.197.449. Furthermore, it still increases slowly but surely. In other words, you can get more than that. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Ranking System

In an online casino, there is reward point which is collected in different ways such as winning the game and more. Therefore, the more you win the game, the more reward points you get. The casino will have a period winner for the rewards. In QQ808 and QQ882, the winner for the rewards is divided into the ranking system where there are the first, second, and third ranking. The rewards are also different for each ranking. The first ranking gets the highest rewards compared to the second and third ranking.

In the top online betting site called QQ808, the first ranking gets about MYR 646, the second-ranking gets MYR 326, and the third-ranking gets MYR 166. The amount of the rewards possibly increase before the end of the period. Meanwhile, QQ882 offers more or less the same rewards amount which are MYR 644 for the first ranking, MYR 324 for the second-ranking, and MYR 164 for the third ranking. As in QQ808, the amount of the rewards will increase as long as the period has not over yet.

Bonuses and Promotions

The reward is not only in form of reward point or progressive jackpot but also in form of bonuses and promotions. It is included as rewards since it also gives much profit for the players. QQ808 and QQ882 provide many bonuses and rewards starting from welcome bonus, welcome cashback, and even extra bonuses.

Furthermore, each game also has different promotions and bonuses so if you play different games, you can earn more bonus and promotion. Besides, you will also get rebate commission for each casino game categories such as sportsbook, live casino, e-games, and more. The commission will be different for each category starting from the bronze or regular, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.

You will get more exciting rewards by playing online casino since it offers many rewards. So, what are you waiting for?

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