Facts about Online Slot Games That You Should Know

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What do you think of online slot games? Those games are just easy games that don’t need those difficult strategies or counting. However, slot games are just more than that basic definition. Here are some facts about online slot games that you should know that will help you to understand this game and play it better.

Facts about Online Slot Games That You Should Know

  • Slot Games Doesn’t Remember You

Some people among bettors like to put suspicions on this game – since the game works in programs, it’s not common for a player to suspect that the game system is rigged and making certain patterns based on the bettors’ move to make sure people will not win too often. However, that’s not actually the case. The system goes as simple as coming up with random symbol combination on a one-way process. In other words, it doesn’t have the capability to remember player’s username and their gaming habits.

Facts about Online Slot Games That You Should Know

Facts about Online Slot Games That You Should Know

  • Sometimes Bet Size Matters

Most slot games don’t care how much people bet on them, which is consecutively betting on minimum limit works. However, you will be missing certain features in some slot games. There are several slot games that set up ‘special jackpot’ where slots games give out big jackpots that are significantly bigger than their normal ones. These special jackpots can only be obtained by betting on the maximum bet limit consecutively. How do we know these slots? Suspect in slot games that have a really wide bet range (Usually they have suspiciously low minimum bet limit.) or check on their slot reviews for sure.

  • Gossips are Rigged

Have you ever heard of gossips that leak whether a slot game is loose or tight? Well, it’s better not to follow those gossip because they are possible plain lies. Slot games are programmed to let our results randomly to begin with which basically dictates that all patterns of outcomes are mere coincidences.

That aside, gossip can still work to our advantage. Here’s how it works; slots that are rumored to be ‘tight’ will be avoided by bettors while ‘loose’ ones are the opposite. The tight rumors are probably made by a gambler that wanted to reach the game’s jackpot. The loose ones, on the other hand, will keep people lining up to play the game. The safest move to do it playing on ‘loose’ slot after the wave died out to obtain jackpot easily since many others have accumulated their bets.

  • Slot is The Fastest Game in Casinos

It’s a thumb rule that simple games play out faster. Well, slot is the simplest game in casinos, and that also drop the title ‘fastest’ on it. In fact, it is much faster than the notoriously fast Mini-Baccarat, making slot games danger hidden in plain sight. Rethink your bet decisions next time.

From those facts about online slot games that you should know, you will understand this game better. Slot game is more than just a game. Yes, it depends on your own luck, but there are many factors that may affect the luck itself. So, want to try slot game now?

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