Different Types of Online Slot Games

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Are you bored with the classic kind of slot games? Then, you should explore the world of online slot games. Believe it or not, there are many kinds of slots that you never know exist in this world. Here are some different types of online slot games, which will bring more excitement wherever and whenever you are.

Different Types of Online Slot Games

  • ‘Classic’ Slots

This is the slots that every bettor is familiar with. They don’t really have a name, but most would call is ‘classic’ or ‘normal’. That’s because it is the very first model of slot system and basically the base of all slot games. The game itself goes as simple as putting a wager on and spinning the reel – it is a one-way process and with each spin, the cycle starts over. Nowadays, there are several variations added such as ‘wild’ and ‘scatter’ symbol to spice up the gameplay. But otherwise, the game is just that simple.

Different Types of Online Slot Games

Different Types of Online Slot Games

  • Progressive Slots

While the game system is just the same as classic slots, progressive slots are seen as special cases. What makes them different is the jackpot system. In normal slots, the jackpot came out randomly to lucky players, which is a one-way process. On the other hand, progressive slots set several jackpots. These jackpots can be obtained by playing a ‘level’. The system is similar to platform games – basically, each level has a jackpot as the goal, and after a jackpot reached came another level with higher difficulties. The slots are called ‘progressive’ because higher level has higher jackpots.

  • Accumulative Slots

Accumulative slots are also muddling around jackpots. However, instead of creating levels like progressive ones, this type connects all bets coming from every player to accumulate the jackpot. There are two kinds of online accumulative slots:

  • Local Accumulative Slots

Local accumulative slots only circle around in a certain area. This type applies to slot games that are only available in certain country or region. Due to its limited working area, the jackpot is usually small.

  • World-Wide Accumulative Slots

As the name said, this slot accumulates bets all across the globe. This rule applies to slot games in gambling sites that can be accessed worldwide. Depending on the slot’s popularity, the jackpot range from small to very high.

Usually, accumulative slot games have growing jackpots. Instead of setting an exact one like classic slots, the jackpot keeps on growing until a lucky player obtained it.

  • Combination Slots

It is not common, but the cross of progressive and accumulative bets does exist. Some give most of the money that has been accumulated in the system. Others give out ‘special jackpot’ that can only be claimed by betting on the highest betting limit throughout the gaming session.

So, which one of those different types of online slot games will you try first? Just as a gentle reminder that you need a good money management in playing slot game. Make sure that you have enough money and stop yourself when you reach your limit.

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