Different Bonuses in Online Slot Games

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Everyone love bonuses! You can get many bonuses in online betting, especially if you play slot games. The bonuses are awarded by both the slot games themselves and by the online casino. You should know these different bonuses in online slot games so that you can make the best of them!

Different Bonuses in Online Slot Games

The Bonuses in the Slot Games

Nowadays, slot games offer online bettors with various bonuses which can be a great advantage. You can play some bonus rounds instead of only expecting the jackpot. The bonus rounds have some variations.

Different Bonuses in Online Slot Games

Different Bonuses in Online Slot Games

The first one is the free spin. This is the simplest bonus you can get. Usually, you need to land more than two specific symbols to trigger the free spins round. Each slot game offers a different number of free spins. Some slot games also enable you to re-trigger the free spins rounds so that you can get a bigger prize. You can also find pick and match bonus.

The second one is the Pick and Win bonus. After triggering the round, you can pick an option or some of them among the available option to win a certain amount of credits. The round ends after you click on the option which stops the round. The next is the pick and match bonus. Its requirement is almost the same as the Pick and Match bonus, but you need to pick some symbols and match it with their identical twins.

After that, you can also find the spin the wheel bonus. As the name suggests, you need to spin the wheel to reveal the prize you get when the wheel stops. The last one is the progressive jackpot. To win this jackpot, of course, you need to make sure that you play a progressive slot game. You can get a huge sum of money if you are very lucky. However, you must also know that your chance of winning this bonus is very small because the jackpot is connected to a very vast network.

The Bonuses Given by the Online Casino

Besides getting various kinds of bonuses from the slot games, you can also enjoy the bonuses and promotional offer from the online casino as well. There are some kinds of bonuses you can obtain. They are the welcoming bonus, no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, periodical bonus, member or high roller bonus, and game-specific bonus.

These bonuses are also classified based on whether you can withdraw them or not. Cashable bonuses allow bettors to withdraw them after fulfilling its requirements. Sticky bonuses cannot be withdrawn, but you can use them for making the bets. There are also phantom sticky bonuses which are included in the bettors’ deposit. You can use them to make bet, but if you want to withdraw your cash, the phantom sticky bonuses are subtracted from it. The rule of the bonuses vary according to the online casino policies though, so you can find other variations of bonuses.

These are some different bonuses in online slot games. Whenever you get some bonuses or promotional offers from an online casino, do not be shy to use them. As long as you read and understand the terms and conditions, you can fulfill the requirements and get bigger profits!

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