Difference between Online Slots and Land-based Slots

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Slot game gains its popularity among online gamblers or land-based casino gamblers. The reason is that slot offer simplicity. Bettors do not need to invest much time learning strategies compared to other casino games. Before you play in either online slot or land-based slot, it is a good step to know difference between online slots and land-based slots

Difference between Online Slots and Land-based Slots

The Steps

Like the old proverb “time is money”, time is one of the important attributes in playing slot game. When you play on a physical slot machine, you need few steps before you enjoy the game. Keep your eyes and count how many steps are taken. You insert your player’s card which you get from the cashier in the casino. Wait a few second and machine will track your play. Give the deposit funds via cash or coin or casino voucher. A few seconds later, the machine will ask you to set denomination and pay line count. Then, you can play it.

Difference between Online Slots and Land-based Slots

Difference between Online Slots and Land-based Slots

Frankly, you do not spend much time to accomplish the steps, but you should repeat the steps when you change the machine or go to the toilet. In simple word, whenever you quit from the game, you should accomplish the steps to back in the game. Of course, it is an annoying situation.

How about the online casino? Does it need much time to accomplish the steps? You need to access the site from your laptop, computer, tablet or even smartphone. Then, the casino will ask for inputting username and password. Seconds later, you choose the variety of the slot game and you can enjoy the game. Thanks to the online casino which give a nice shortcut for bettors. Moreover, you can log-out and log-in freely whenever you want.


A physical slot machine has a longer time to wait before they finally stop on particular characters. It needs several times or even dozen times before it spins slowly until you find the suitable characters. For your information, it takes approximately 18 to 20 seconds on average. It means that the player needs three spins per minute.

Uniquely, online slot game provides same time-saving ability to skip reel spinning animations. In other words, you can click spin or stop button after the reels spin. Talking about efficiency, online casino offers spin feature automatically. So, the software will spin continuously until you push the stop button.

Variety of the Game

Both land-based casino and online casino offer a similar variety of slot game. Some American or European casino provide hundreds or even thousands slot machine in many distinction theme and titles. However, keep in mind that you need to determine where you play the slot. Then, if your favorite one is occupied, you need other machines.

Meanwhile, you are able to play any games in the online casino. Albeit other bettors play the same game, you can access it from your hand. In simple word, the game is still available for you.

Both online slot game and land-based slot offer easiness on the game. After knowing the difference between online slots and land-based slots, we hope you have already decided either online slot or land-based slot. But in conclusion, there are some advantages of online slot from the slot that can be played in a real casino.

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