Cleopatra an Ancient Themed Slot by TopTrend Gaming

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Each e-games slot provider always tries to create casino slots with an interesting theme. One popular theme among all casino slots theme is ancient Egypt theme. The ancient Egypt theme particularly Cleopatra an ancient themed slot by TopTrend Gaming is a must-have theme for every online slot.

Cleopatra an Ancient Themed Slot by TopTrend Gaming

Cleopatra History

To experience the life of the gorgeous Egyptian queen along with the circumstances she lived in, the gaming provider, TopTrend, has developed the slots with Cleopatra theme. Now you have the opportunity to witness the famous legend’s life and to win all of Cleopatra’s fortune by playing online Cleopatra slots.

Cleopatra an Ancient Themed Slot by TopTrend Gaming

Cleopatra an Ancient Themed Slot by TopTrend Gaming

Cleopatra slot is developed with the Egypt golden epoch setting with exciting graphics and features. The reels are on the center of the screen with a stylish dark setting. These reels are being guarded by two big Egyptian figures in gold. To create the setting inside one of Egyptian’s temples, the dim light can make such an effect. The control bars are located on the reels with a clear golden setting. In the slot, gold is all over the top with such attentive details.

Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra is one of the best slot betting games from TopTrend Gaming. The theme of Cleopatra is easy to recognize at your first glimpse. What makes the slot recognizable is its fascinating graphics. Basically, Cleopatra slot games start with simple 2D and end up with sophisticated 3D to represent the golden life of Cleopatra along with her wealth and nobility. The famous symbols of Cleopatra slot are Cleopatra herself, the gold jewels, fierce snakes, Sphinx, and other Egyptian things.

The animation, the background music, and the graphics are designed in such a way that they can render the mysterious and antique settings of Cleopatra’s wealth and legends.

How to Play

Cleopatra is a friendly slot game. It is easy and fun to play. The game is already equipped with visible command bars below the reels to help the players. For the beginners, you can always make some necessary adjustments on the game setting to help you through the game.

Cleopatra slot is designed with 5 reels and 25 fixed paylines. When the combinations of certain symbols appear on the screen, this combination can generate big rewards. Before starting to play the game, you have to choose your coin values and bets ranging from 1 to 5 coins. Then, confirm your choice to start the reels spinning and also initiate the game.

Various money rewards are based on the value of your wager and also the symbol combinations. You can also unlock bigger rewards using more cash. You can also make your bet to be maximal by activating the max bet. You can play all-in and get the maximum risk on the next reel spinning.

You can also use your auto-spin mode on Cleopatra slot. This mode merely lets the reel spins free for certain period of time. The bet that you have set firstly will be automatically added and it makes the game’s speed faster.

Unique casino slot themes have been the arts of the online betting websites to attract the players from all over the world. You can experience the ancient Egyptian theme from Cleopatra an ancient-themed slot by TopTrend Gaming. Try this famous slot and see where you will be taken through the game. Enjoy and win big!

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